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  • Fiber Laser System(CW Ytterbium Fiber Lasers)

    TFO's new CW(Continuous Wave) fiber laser modules can be used for OEM applications for industrial and manufacturing processes such as critical welding, cutting and drilling applications. These water-cooled, compact units show high slope efficiency of 74%.
    Unique features of these modules are;
    The pilot beam was output by applying the embedded aiming laser, and then we can check fiber's state in real-time. The output power monitoring function was applied for customer's convenience. Also, TFO’s Fiber Laser modules embedded with power supply units & pump laser drivers can be easily integrated into an various industrial and scientific applications.




  • - 300W, 500W Output Optical Power
  • - M2 1.2 Excellent Beam Quality
  • - 1080nm Wavelength range
  • - Water cooled versions
  • - 650nm Aiming beam
  • - Output power monitoring function included
  • - Integrated power supply units


  • - Metal, Cutting, Welding,
  • - Drilling, Annealing
  • - Marking and deep engraving
  • - Micro machining and Scribing

Optical Specification

Classification Specification
Mode of Operation Continuous Wave
Polarization State Random
Nominal Power 300W or 500W
Laser Wavelength 1080±5nm
Laser Linewidth 1.0nm(min.)
Output Power Stability ±0.5%
Delivery Fiber (Length) 20/400 NA=0.06/0.46 (2m)
Termination Type ENDCAP
Slope Efficiency 75%(typical)
Output Beam Divergence 75mrad
Output Beam Diameter 320mm (12.6in)
Output Beam Propagation Factor 1.2M^2 (max.)

General Specification

Classification Specification(1) Specification(2)
Cooling Method Water Water
Dimension(WxHxD, mm) 435 x 221 x 700 435 x 450 x 700
Power Monitoring 2W@500W 2W@500W
Visible Pilot Beam 650nm Pilot Beam Included 650nm Pilot Beam Included
Operating Voltage (VAC) 100~240, 50/60Hz 200~240, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1000W 1600W
Weight 30kg (66.1lb) 50kg (110.2lb)
Operating Temperature range +15~+25℃ (+59~+77℉) +15~+25℃ (+59~+77℉)
Normal Operating Temperature Range +20℃ (+68℉) +20℃ (+68℉)
Storage Temperature -40~+75℃ (-40~+167℉) -40~+75℃ (-40~+167℉)
Relatively Humidity 85% 85%

※ Custom designs are available upon requests